Lilium Web Refresh

Web Refresh, 2021 Corona can’t stop the force of innovation: in March of 2021 Lilium announced their intention to list on Nasdaq and revealed the development of their 7-Seater Jet. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of the team effort to rebrush and relaunch their corporate website just in time for the […]

Esprit Craig & Karl

Craig & Karl Campaign, 2019 Campaign design for Esprit’s collaboration with Craig & Karl including the online shop, social media and … donut design! Esprit

Esprit Throwback

#Throwback Campaign, 2019 Campaign design for Esprit’s Throwback campaign including a website, Pinterest boards, Instagram stories and custom stickers as well as a number of fun animations.  Esprit

Wacom Connected Ink

Connected Ink Event, 2020 Connected Ink is Wacom’s key event surrounding the topic of ‘digital ink’. It is an open innovation platform which takes you on a journey of creativity, art and music combined with the latest developments in digital transformation and ink technology. In 2020 it was a hybrid online and physical event held […]

Esprit Better Denim

Better Denim Campaign A series of posts and stories created to announce Esprit’s ‘Better Denim’, a more sustainable line of denim styles made from eco-friendly fibers and new washing techniques: “Better fit, better feel, better for the world.” Esprit

Esprit UN Women Campaign

UN Women Campaign, 2019 Campaign design for Esprit’s UN Women campaign including a microsite, Pinterest boards, Instagram stories as well as posts.  Esprit

ArtPartner Relations

Website Design, 2015 Website Design for ArtPartner Relations, a full subsidiary of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Foundation that works with partners from business, industry, trade and media in the fields of event management, sponsoring and third party funding: ArtPartner Relations

Esprit Gisele

Esprit x Gisele Bündchen, 2012 For the presentation of the fall/holiday collection in 2012, Esprit partnered with Gisele Bündchen. The looks were presented in an animated vertical scroll and a ’shoppable’ lookbook. Esprit

Esprit Imperfect Spring

#ImPerfect Campaign, 2016 Continuation of Esprit’s #ImPerfect campaign in spring 2016. Users can now use the ’selfie-tool‘ to also upload videos showing their most #ImPerfect dance moves. Pump up the jam! Esprit

Esprit Imperfect Summer

#ImPerfect Campaign, 2016 Continuation of Esprit’s #ImPerfect campaign in summer 2016. Esprit