Why Zora

Sooner or later people always ask. ZORA? Who or what is ZORA? Below are some possible answers. We don’t say we chose the name because of one or the other. We kinda like all of them somehow.

ZORA is a four-letter word

“zora.com” was first registered as a domain by founder and principal Britta Boland in 1998 while still an employee at Studio Archetype in San Francisco. She simply followed an intuition and liked it because it was short and easy to remember in both English and German. Imagine that: at that time you could still register a domain consisting of just a four-letter word!

Die rote Zora

“Die rote Zora und ihre Bande” (The red Zora and her gang) is a children’s book by Kurt Held first published in 1941. It is a story about a group of five orphans. They sometimes have to steal food or other little things to get by. While they might break the rules of society they deeply respect the code within their group. Above all it is a story about friendship and respect. The only girl in the group, red-haired Zora, is their fearless leader. We definately like her. We like red hair, too.

Zora Neale Hurston (January 7, 1891 – January 28, 1960)

“… was an African-American folklorist and author. Her best-known work is most likely “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” (Wikipedia). We admit that we had never heard about her until we googled ‘ZORA’. She definately has the most entries there and it could very well be that she deserves them.

Zora la vampira

Our Italian friends think of this one first. Zora the vampire is the heroine of a popular erotic comic from the 70’s. While we doubt that riding a horse topless would actually look that good anywhere but on a still image we understand that the missing frames do spark their imagination.