Britta Boland

Prior to founding ZORA in 2005 Britta worked as a design consultant in Germany, the United States and Italy in the areas of brand, publication and interaction design (Studio Archetype/Sapient, frog design San Francisco, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea). She received a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and a Diploma in Visual Communication from the University of Applied Arts Düsseldorf. If time permits, she also teaches classes or workshops in typography and interaction design. Apart from all things design she loves spending time in the kitchen with friends and a seriously well-tasting glass of wine. The remainder of her time is no longer spent on her Ducati Monster but rather on the Yoga mat. There is a time for everything.

Anna Dellanoce

Anna moved from her native Milan to Düsseldorf and joined ZORA in 2008. Her prior work at Interaction Design Lab Milan, founded by a group of people that came out of e1 – exhibition design group at Interaction Ivrea lead to cross paths with Britta’s. Before moving into the area of graphic design, Anna studied interior design at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and the Politenico di Milano from where she graduated with a Master in Interior Design. Being Italian she obviously knows good food and hence is also a contributor to “We eat fine”. The UPS guy is in love with the sound of her last name – and who could blame him? 

Vanessa Zengerling

Vanessa, better known as ‘Nessie’ began working at ZORA in 2012. She admittedly likes to work in Düsseldorf, but prefers to live in Cologne, where her heart remains. With Anna as a teacher she now also speaks some Italian – only the important bits though (“Chi vuole il caffè?”). Prior to ZORA she worked at ZORA’s partner agency for all things moving image, the Backyard Pilots where her talent for print design was discovered. Nessie received a bachelor in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Arts Niederrhein after she discovered that the overdose of technology in her original studies in architecture clashed with her passion for creativity.

Isabel Wittfeld

Isabel joined ZORA in 2013. After having worked for McCann Erickson Düsseldorf she happily exchanged the world of classical advertising with that of a small design studio. Only a year earlier she graduated from the Academy of Communication Design in Cologne. While a student in school she also spent some time at Penrhos College in Perth, Australia where she did a training in practical photography. Since her final thesis work – a new corporate design for a healthy Kebap restaurant – she can be considered an expert on Kebap but still a beginner in her Turkish language studies (ben bir kelime anlamıyorum).

Carolin Semmelroth

Caro joined ZORA in 2015. When she studied communication design at the University of Applied Arts in Düsseldorf, she lived on Kiefernstraße, notorious for squatting during the early 80s. Inspired by the people living there today she published “Their pretty faces”, a series of portraits taken on the street, and received a scholarship from the DAAD which allowed her to continue the project in L.A. During her studies she also worked at “onomato”, an artist association, where she taught classes in Indesign and Photoshop to seniors. In her free time she likes to hike, climb and do some headstands in the park. 

Verena Sass

Verena began working at ZORA in 2015. Raised in a small town in Bavaria Verena moved to Cologne where she started working in a photo lab and later as a photography assistant. Photography also became a focus during her studies in communication design at the University of Applied Arts in Düsseldorf and has remained her passion since. Though not a native Cologne citizen she has since adopted “Home is where the Dome is” as her mantra. Future plans include walking the “Jakobsweg” – but only after exploring Iceland, of course.

Nicole Ochmann

Nicole, better known as ‘Niki’, brought chocolate to the world of design. After her Bachelor of Arts from the Academy of Communication Design in Cologne and an internship with the conceptional team of Grey’s digital unit she worked at an ad agency in Cologne prior to joining ZORA in 2016. While she adopted Cologne as her hometown her heart is still in Püsselbüren, disctrict of Ibbenbüren and we only mention it so we can enjoy the sound of those umlauts and double consonants. Interested in really everything but cars, she extended her skillset to After Effects which makes her the go-to person for video clips and animation. In times of crisis or low blood sugar levels she will also save you with a treat from her selection of chocolates and candy which is rumored to be secretly refilled by the Elves of Cologne every night.